How to Make a Button Bouquet

You’ll want to pick your colors first. Mine are purple and green…Make sure to have different shades, so that it isn’t bland, but stay within your color scheme so as not to clash with the rest of your theme. You will also want to have a color to off set. I used ivory and white. It helps to have an accent.



Buttons of various sizes and shades

Wire (I used 22 gauge). You can buy at any craft store like Joann’s. I ended up getting alot

Floral tape

Wire cutter

Pliers (to bend sharp ends in)



Start off by planning out your “flowers”. I tended to use 2-3 per flower, but that depends on how big you want them to be. If the button is pretty thick it’s OK to use just one.


Then cut the wire to the desired length. You’ll want some to be longer than others so you have room to twist the others around each other.

Bend the wire in half and slide the buttons on. You want it to be doubled because otherwise the buttons won’t be as stable.


This is what one of mine looked like when finished.


It really depends on how big you want your bouquets to be but I used 30-40 “flowers”.


Then start taking them and twisting them around each other. Bend the buttons on the wires around as you go to try and shape the bouquet so it’s round.


Once you have all the flowers on the bouquet and it’s as big as you want start adding some here and there to fill in the spaces.

Bend the end of the wires in to avoid them sticking through the tape and/or rubbon.

Then wrap floral tape on a couple times. After that wrap it in the ribbon you want.


For this tutorial I chose just lace, but I will be using ribbon and just tying a bow of lace on.


Enjoy your new button bouquets!


Picture of the finished 6 bouquets coming soon! 🙂

A helpful video I watched. They do it a little different than I do, but it’s a good video to watch:


In the midst of buttons

So I decided that I wanted a way of sort of “scrap booking” my wedding planning so I figured that blogging would help. Also a good way of remembering. I’m too lazy to journal anymore. Maybe sometime I’ll get back to it.

Today I have 186 days (or just under 7 months…It sounds like less) until I marry Peter…And I’m way ahead of the game on a lot of things. Yesterday I went to Fabric Depot (a craft persons heaven on earth) and got the muslin to make the dresses for the bridesmaids. No I’m not making them, i’m not insane. Hopefully they give me a call and give me a quote on the fabric for the final dresses. Oh chiffon…So wonderful.

Other than that I’ve made my bouquet (I’ll post pictures after the wedding) and one of the bridesmaids bouquets. Image

I’ve made a lot of “flowers” so far and i’ll be making the bridemaids help me with theirs. The one I made is for my maid of honor who is out of state.

The whole idea of button bouquets happened by accident. I was forced to use pinterest (it actually helps me stay on track for some things) for my wedding stuff and happened upon this idea. Unfortunately there aren’t a lot of DIY tutorials for them, but I think I might do one myself to make it easier on other people.

Anyways! That’s all for now. I’ll be back soon with the tutorial.