Birthday Wishes

Another day at school gave me a better idea of what yoga is like. It was much better. I think I liked it more since I was so sore. All day I was avoiding standing up or sitting down for fear I would have to do one or the other. I would sit in my class and dread the moment I had to get back up. Pretty pathetic, but I can’t help it! I went lap swimming at work yesterday which carried on over to day.

I even got myself to hit the gym with my brother today. How? I have NO clue. Once I got there it wasn’t so bad..You know, besides the actual working out part. Now my forearms are sore along with my legs and shoulders. Tomorrow it’ll probably be my core. That’s ok though-It needs a little taming. Haha

I would like to mention a couple things though. What is with the BO in my yoga class?! Seriously people..Al-natur-al only goes so far before you start deterring people from standing near you. Maybe find a natural soap to put under your arm pits? Please? (Not that any of them are reading this)

Although I like yoga more today, I still have a love hate relationship with the “downward dog” pose. It gives me a head ache. Why must I hang my head and give myself a head rush? Uhg

Today is my little brothers birthday. He turns 15 today…I think?

I just say 6 and stick with that.

January 9th-Oh how time flies. Little Joey getting all grown up. It's looking like a fire hazard now.

January 9th-Oh how time flies. Little Joey getting all grown up. It’s looking like a fire hazard now.

Maybe some time I’ll take some yoga pictures. I think I’m getting the hang of some of them. Probably not that names though.

On another note Math is still good. My homework is to watch a documentary. Not so bad, right?

Math would be even better though if maybe the guy in front of me pulled up his pants. And for your enjoyment I even got a picture. I figure I shouldn’t be the only one who feels they need to gouge their eyes out. Keep it mind-this is AFTER he pulled his pants up. It was way worse before.


Until next time.