10 things I love about my Mom

It’s Mother’s day and I have failed, like all of us, to tell her how it really is all year. Besides their birthday, mom’s really only get one day out of the year that is especially for them.

Lately my mom has been posting one thing every day that she likes about my dad and I find it inspiring. So I decided that she needed at least ten things said about her, because I think she’s pretty much the best thing since sliced bread. So I’m here today, on my 24th year of having her as my mom, to tell you just how wonderful she really is.


1. A role model

My mom isn’t perfect, but she has always tried to set a good example. I may have said “Ew!” or “Get a room!” when she kissed my dad in front of me, but I know that their love is real and she was always showing that.
She probably doesn’t always do the right thing, but there would be times that I saw someone say or do something that I didn’t think was right and she always came up with a super gracious way of dealing with it. Sometimes I think she should just tell certain people how it is, but I suppose she likes to keep friendships. 😉


2. Silly

When I talk about my mom to other people I always tell them how silly she is. She appreciates a good joke and as I was growing up she would say the silliest things. “Your fathers feet smell like lavender” or she would dance at a wedding like Elaine from Seinfeld. My mom taught me how to laugh and enjoy life for what it is.
I’ve always admired the way she can make a story so exciting. When my nieces come over and want her to read a book, I’ll secretly sit on the couch nearby so i can hear all the voices she comes up with for all the characters.


3. Consistent

My mom had 9 kids and is always there for all of us. There’s still 3 of us at home and whenever I call to check in she’s always running my brother or sister around from one activity to another. I honestly don’t know how she does it.
Fundraisers, softball games, recitals, plays-Mom is always there.
She is always willing to listen, encourage, or kiss the scraped knee we all got falling off our bike.
Whenever I was up to bat, or on the block to swim the 100 breast stroke, you could hear her voice above everyone else’ cheering me on with my dad.
My mom would move a mountain if she knew it was important to be there.


4. Super hero

Of course I remember the times where things got really hard, but mom always just closed her eyes, took a deep breath, and kept going. With 9 of us she has had her fair share of difficulty, but somehow she always finds a way to what should be the next step.
One of my older sisters has had a disability since she was born and a few years ago we almost lost her to a stroke. My mom was at the hospital every single day and she sees Amanda whenever she can. She is the ones that talks to the doctor and figures out what the next step should be and alongside my dad fought for her life when the doctor advised us to pull the plug. I firmly believe that without God and my parents, Amanda would not be with us still.


5. Smart

Whenever I had a problem with something, my mom was always willing to help me figure it out. She home schooled all 9 of us up to a certain point and always implemented God’s word. She taught us right from wrong, how to behave like adults (you know, cause we’re animals. ;D ), and how to read. She has always encouraged us to be the best we can be.



6. A good listener

Mom always listens. Even if I have to follow her around the house like a stalker to tell her about my day, she’s always listening and she lets you know that. When a boy broke my heart, I lost a race, my sibling is driving me nuts, or when I just feel like talking to her she is there to lend an ear. She always has good advice and knows when nothing needs to be said. My mom is who I look to for that hug that will get me to tomorrow.


7. Creative

When we were kids we were in a home school choir. Guess who ran it? Mom (and Dad). She has a beautiful singing voice, she plays the guitar (some of my favorite memories are of her playing when I was a kid), and arts and crafts were always present.
Every year at our church camp out she has some new thing to perform (usually to embarrass the camp speaker) and it always makes me laugh.


8. Humble

Mom can take a compliment, but I don’t think she really knows how wonderful she truly is. She doesn’t talk about herself all the time or obsess about what she looks like (unless I’m trying to take a picture of her “Fix my hair!”). She loves the lord, she loves her husband, and she loves her family.


9. Loving

You know when you get sick and you puke all over the bathroom? My mom was always there to pick that up. If I had a bad dream I knew I could curl up with her in bed and she would make me feel safe. Mom makes everything feel better.


10. A beautiful person

All of these things and more make my mom what she is. Where would I be without her today? I don’t even want to imagine it.

Thank you, mom, for the kisses, the hugs, advice, the lessons that put me in my place, the love, the consistency, the example that you are, the laughter, the dancing, the singing, and for just being you. I hope that one day I will measure up to something even close to what you are.

My mom is a beautiful person in and out and don’t you forget it.

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Happy Mother’s Day mom. You’ll never know how much you really mean to all of us.