Health, fitness, and smoothies

Ever since I was little I was active in one sport or another if not just running around the neighborhood without my shoes on or jumping around in the pool during the summer. As I grew up I always heard words of caution from people who were older than me;

Just wait until you get old and you can’t get the weight off!

Don’t pull your hair back so tight or you’ll get lines.

Smile more or your frown won’t go away.

That milkshake will go right to your a**.”

I always rolled my eyes and went on with whatever it was that I was doing. I’m in my 20’s now and have already noticed things that weren’t there before.

After I got married I didn’t worry about eating super healthy all the time (as you can probably tell from my food posts) and I’ve always been blessed with curves, but have always been fairly fit/skinny. You know, the hips and the butt. I’m tall so I’ve always weighed more than my friends and I’ve never been able to wear those cute little dresses that are now in style (Why can’t they make them just above the knee?!). I’m OK with all of this, really. I’m comfortable with my body.
Not too long ago I started to discover stretch marks in places they weren’t before and then people started to ask me if I was pregnant.
The first time this was asked of me I took it fairly well until the next day and then it hit me (at the time I was working out every day and had lost a few pounds). My poor husband has had to maintain my ego a lot lately because I was asked if I was pregnant 3 more times after that.
I just want to say once and for all-I am not pregnant.
Don’t get me wrong, I love kids, I LOVE babies, and I want to have some. Just not right now.
I know that one of the big reasons for this particular question is that I recently got married and most people either expect it or want it. It’s sweet, really…But I’m not ready and I think I’ll get a puppy first. However, if God decided that I was before I knew it that would be wonderful too.

Anyway, I’m not looking for pity or for anyone to try and make me feel better about myself, I’m just trying to convey the reason behind working out and eating healthy more than I already was.

Being pregnant wouldn’t be a bad thing, I’m just not right now and I got really discouraged about how I looked. And honestly, pregnancy is one of the most beautiful things I have had the privilege to witness with family and friends. For a lot of people who are trying to lose weight there has to be a form of “rock bottom” and then a personal decision to make things better. It has to be for you first and then everyone else. People asking me if I was pregnant weren’t the only comments. I’ve always been comfortable and confident so some people feel comfortable making comments about certain things getting bigger-This was the start of what got me to the gym every day.

I want to look good. I don’t want rock hard abs, or giant muscles. I just want to look healthy and FEEL healthy. But I am NOT giving up ice cream or the occasional piece of pizza because gosh darn it it tastes so good.

So don’t expect a whole bunch of super healthy, gluten and dairy free recipes because I like that stuff. I will share with you some things that I have found to be not only healthy, but super delish and sometimes just happen to be free of gluten or dairy.

The first one is of my own making: Smoothies.

Most smoothies are made with dairy and ice and a lot of sugar to make it taste yummy. That’s all nice and everything, but when I get back from the gym I don’t want a milk shake every time (just every once in a while 😉 ). My husband and I went to Costco and I saw big bags of frozen fruit in the freezer section. I love fruit and some veggies, but it’s hard to always get the daily goal so I bought a few bags and started making them into smoothies.

It’s really quite simple. Here is one of my own recipes: Blueberry Fruit smoothie
(Please note that these portions are made for multiple smoothies to store for later consumption)

3/4c frozen blueberries
3/4c frozen pineapple
2-3 (large) frozen strawberries
1 ripe banana
Approx. 2 1/2c orange juice (preferably fresh or 100% juice)
1/3c cranberry juice (100%)


Just dump it all into a blender and put it on the ice setting.
You’ll need to stir it every once in a while to keep things moving and sometimes i have to add more orange juice until I get the right consistency.
If you don’t like any of these ingredients don’t be afraid to add or take away (just don’t stress your blender). The reason I put in pineapple is because it’s a wonderful natural sweetener and helps balance out the other tart juices and fruits. Another thing to note is that I use mostly frozen ingredients so that I don’t have to use ice if I want to drink it right away. I sometimes had to blend in smaller portions until smooth and then add it to the blender to “liquefy” or “blend”.

Another recipe that I just tried is this: Tropical fruit smoothie

1 ripe banana
4 large frozen strawberries
2 frozen kiwis (I cut these up and froze them overnight)
1/2 ripe frozen mango (same as above)
3/4c pineapple
2-3c orange juice


This one was really good. If you don’t like seeds that much I recommend de-seeding your kiwi before you freeze it.
Because these recipes give you A LOT of smoothie I put them into jars and froze them. Once I’m ready to have one I leave it out on the counter for an hour or so while at the gym and I come back to a smooth sorbet smoothie. It’s AWESOME.


How could you resist?

I’ve tried many other combinations-these are just the ones I like and use a lot. I’ll probably have more later and some that incorporate veggies as well.

Sorry about being gone so long and this LONG post. Once you try one of these recipes you’ll forgive me. 😉
I’ll be back with gluten/dairy free peanut butter and banana muffins and a couple good workouts.

Ta ta!