Strawberry Sorbet

I don’t know about all of you-but sometimes dairy ice cream isn’t as good as non-dairy.
Ok ok! You can disagree. I love Tillamook Mudslide just as much as the next girl, but a bit of fruit never killed you. I haven’t tried making a chocolate one yet, but believe me I will.

Strawberries were on sale at the store so I went ahead and bought some and decided to make a sorbet out of it.

Here is the recipe.

It was actually super easy and it works for any fruit you can think of that would be good in a sorbet. Honestly.


The syrup was really easy. Which I suppose is why they call is Simple Syrup. Heh heh.


I went with the strawberry lemon recipe, which they will recommend in most recipes because the lemon juice and zest will help balance out the sugar.


The recipe I used also sifted out the seeds and bigger chunks that the blender didn’t get, but I’m not very picky. However that won’t help make it very smooth.


I put it in a nice glass storage container and popped it in the fridge, I had a lot of sorbet so I had to use two.

Speaking of smooth though, after I made this one I found a site that shows you how to get it that way. Here you go.

I’ll have to try it sometime.
But in the meantime it turned out really great and the best part of sorbet is you can re-freeze as much as you want.


This lasted me forever and it tasted great. Next time I’m making the chocolate. I finally found a recipe. 🙂