5 Reasons Wedding Planning Stinks

Peter and I at a friends wedding two months ago.

Peter and I at a friends wedding two months ago.

Today marks one more month until the wedding and I’m so tired of planning.

I will say i’m not as stressed as a lot of people said I would be or as bad as it was for a few of my friends who recently got married.

I am irritated though. And I don’t think there is any fixing that until the day AFTER the wedding. Hopefully the day of. Sooner? A girl can dream. Ha

If I’ve ever talked to anyone about their experience with planning their wedding they say one or two of a few things:

1. Having to limit their guests

Sometimes what can happen is you have a small budget and feel you need to limit the amount of people you invite.

I have a couple responses to this.

First of all-It’s your wedding so you get to invite whoever you dang well please. Sometimes people limit because they don’t want a big wedding, low cash, small venue…Yadda yadda. Honestly they’re all good reasons, but I will say one thing (and I only know from what others have told me and my experience with others weddings)..Not all of your guests will come. Life gets in the way one way or another. You might even get people who said they wouldn’t come or people who didn’t respond..Or the best one: the person who wasn’t even invited.

I will say that I’m glad I’m not limiting. The wedding isn’t about me, but the people in my life and celebrating this new chapter with me.

Well…It is about me a little bit 😉

2. Low cash flow

It sucks. Weddings are ridiculously expensive. There was a conversation I had not too long ago with someone who said they hated their wedding cause they didn’t get to do what they wanted. I will say that one perk of a long engagement (and working the whole time) is that you get more time to pay for things a little at a time rather than having a baseball bat, nay, a bomb taken to your bank account.

My suggestion (and I’m by no means a guru at this stuff) would be to pick your deal breakers. Mine were photography and the dress. Those were the most important and I decided to make the other things, borrow things from people that they used for their wedding, or just forgo the whole thing. You get the idea.

Some people try to fix their problem by going into debt from their wedding. My advice. Just don’t. Save your money for a house, a car, something other than the thing that’s only gonna last one day.

3. The little things

This is the big thing for me. I’m so tired of all the little things I have to decide. In the end am I really going to care about the flowers at the alter? Probably not.

4. The big things

The catering, the helpers, the decorations, the dress, the photographer. Or even wedding party. This part was super easy for me until I had people actually ask me if they were in the wedding. I would have loved to have 20 bridesmaids…But at the same time the thought gives me a head ache.


Sometimes…Weddings just aren’t your thing.

I, for one, am in-between. I like certain things about wedding planning, but I definitely have things I could care less about.


I think a lot of the time people get so wrapped up in all this wedding stuff and lose sight of what really matters. I’ve heard a couple people express confusion about why someone would put themselves through it and I find I’m shocked.

Isn’t it obvious? I mean what got you in this situation in the first place?

The day Peter proposed he has been the biggest focus for me. In the end I could care less about the photography, the cake, the food, the decorations…Because what I should really focus on is the fact I get to marry this amazing guy who-amazingly enough, seems to really love me. (Ok…I know he loves me. Haha)

I’ll never understand why people don’t focus on the relationship part. Cause in the end you’re going to be married and you don’t get to live in wedding land anymore. You get to live life.

As a last thought though-If you are going to go all out by inviting a million guests, spend all your money, and do everything you’ve ever wanted..Try and enjoy it. It isn’t worth stressing out over so much. DELEGATE people!


I swear at some point, when I’m married probably, I will stop with the wedding posts, but I just had to get that off my chest.

Sorry about my long period of silence. Life got in the way. 😉