Cheer and Shoes

Merry (Late) Christmas, everyone! I hope it was stupendous!

My Christmas was really great. I didn’t leave the house once on Christmas Eve and it felt amazing. My sister and I ended up watching Startrek and Star Trek Into Darkness.

Side note: Who loves toe socks?! I love them. My sister and I held toes…I know… Weird.


Wedding planning is well under way. I got all the bridesmaids shoes today. The clerk at the store looked at me like I was crazy when she saw that I had bought 9 pairs of shoes. (3 of them were for a friends wedding me and two of my sisters are in)


Believe me, I felt pretty crazy as well. It was strange too cause I hate shoes and I especially hate buying them.

So I have a little over 170 days until my wedding. It recently hit me how soon that is. 6 months isn’t that far away and I definitely have a lot to do. AH! I couldn’t be more excited.

Here are a couple tips for anyone wanting to get married:

1. Seriously, you shouldn’t be spending 30-40+ on shoes. That’s insane. The most comfortable shoes are going to hurt by the end of the night anyway. Believe me….I’ve been to plenty of weddings. Payless people!

2. Try and find some shoes you and your bridesmaids might wear again. I know it sounds cliche, but it makes it easier to spend money on things.

3. Make as much of the decorations, accessories ect., as you can! If you can’t, Etsy is your best friend.

Bobby pins with pearls wired on. A nice touch to a hair-do for a wedding or a dinner out. So easy to make.

Bobby pins with pearls wired on. A nice touch to a hair-do for a wedding or a dinner out. So easy to make.

4. In the end-All that matters is you’re marrying the person you love. Look for a marriage, NOT a wedding. The wedding is only one day.

I’ll probably have more on the tip matter as I get closer to my wedding and make mistakes. Ha!

All my best! And thanks for reading.


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