In the midst of buttons

So I decided that I wanted a way of sort of “scrap booking” my wedding planning so I figured that blogging would help. Also a good way of remembering. I’m too lazy to journal anymore. Maybe sometime I’ll get back to it.

Today I have 186 days (or just under 7 months…It sounds like less) until I marry Peter…And I’m way ahead of the game on a lot of things. Yesterday I went to Fabric Depot (a craft persons heaven on earth) and got the muslin to make the dresses for the bridesmaids. No I’m not making them, i’m not insane. Hopefully they give me a call and give me a quote on the fabric for the final dresses. Oh chiffon…So wonderful.

Other than that I’ve made my bouquet (I’ll post pictures after the wedding) and one of the bridesmaids bouquets. Image

I’ve made a lot of “flowers” so far and i’ll be making the bridemaids help me with theirs. The one I made is for my maid of honor who is out of state.

The whole idea of button bouquets happened by accident. I was forced to use pinterest (it actually helps me stay on track for some things) for my wedding stuff and happened upon this idea. Unfortunately there aren’t a lot of DIY tutorials for them, but I think I might do one myself to make it easier on other people.

Anyways! That’s all for now. I’ll be back soon with the tutorial.


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