10 things I love about my Mom

It’s Mother’s day and I have failed, like all of us, to tell her how it really is all year. Besides their birthday, mom’s really only get one day out of the year that is especially for them.

Lately my mom has been posting one thing every day that she likes about my dad and I find it inspiring. So I decided that she needed at least ten things said about her, because I think she’s pretty much the best thing since sliced bread. So I’m here today, on my 24th year of having her as my mom, to tell you just how wonderful she really is.


1. A role model

My mom isn’t perfect, but she has always tried to set a good example. I may have said “Ew!” or “Get a room!” when she kissed my dad in front of me, but I know that their love is real and she was always showing that.
She probably doesn’t always do the right thing, but there would be times that I saw someone say or do something that I didn’t think was right and she always came up with a super gracious way of dealing with it. Sometimes I think she should just tell certain people how it is, but I suppose she likes to keep friendships. 😉


2. Silly

When I talk about my mom to other people I always tell them how silly she is. She appreciates a good joke and as I was growing up she would say the silliest things. “Your fathers feet smell like lavender” or she would dance at a wedding like Elaine from Seinfeld. My mom taught me how to laugh and enjoy life for what it is.
I’ve always admired the way she can make a story so exciting. When my nieces come over and want her to read a book, I’ll secretly sit on the couch nearby so i can hear all the voices she comes up with for all the characters.


3. Consistent

My mom had 9 kids and is always there for all of us. There’s still 3 of us at home and whenever I call to check in she’s always running my brother or sister around from one activity to another. I honestly don’t know how she does it.
Fundraisers, softball games, recitals, plays-Mom is always there.
She is always willing to listen, encourage, or kiss the scraped knee we all got falling off our bike.
Whenever I was up to bat, or on the block to swim the 100 breast stroke, you could hear her voice above everyone else’ cheering me on with my dad.
My mom would move a mountain if she knew it was important to be there.


4. Super hero

Of course I remember the times where things got really hard, but mom always just closed her eyes, took a deep breath, and kept going. With 9 of us she has had her fair share of difficulty, but somehow she always finds a way to what should be the next step.
One of my older sisters has had a disability since she was born and a few years ago we almost lost her to a stroke. My mom was at the hospital every single day and she sees Amanda whenever she can. She is the ones that talks to the doctor and figures out what the next step should be and alongside my dad fought for her life when the doctor advised us to pull the plug. I firmly believe that without God and my parents, Amanda would not be with us still.


5. Smart

Whenever I had a problem with something, my mom was always willing to help me figure it out. She home schooled all 9 of us up to a certain point and always implemented God’s word. She taught us right from wrong, how to behave like adults (you know, cause we’re animals. ;D ), and how to read. She has always encouraged us to be the best we can be.



6. A good listener

Mom always listens. Even if I have to follow her around the house like a stalker to tell her about my day, she’s always listening and she lets you know that. When a boy broke my heart, I lost a race, my sibling is driving me nuts, or when I just feel like talking to her she is there to lend an ear. She always has good advice and knows when nothing needs to be said. My mom is who I look to for that hug that will get me to tomorrow.


7. Creative

When we were kids we were in a home school choir. Guess who ran it? Mom (and Dad). She has a beautiful singing voice, she plays the guitar (some of my favorite memories are of her playing when I was a kid), and arts and crafts were always present.
Every year at our church camp out she has some new thing to perform (usually to embarrass the camp speaker) and it always makes me laugh.


8. Humble

Mom can take a compliment, but I don’t think she really knows how wonderful she truly is. She doesn’t talk about herself all the time or obsess about what she looks like (unless I’m trying to take a picture of her “Fix my hair!”). She loves the lord, she loves her husband, and she loves her family.


9. Loving

You know when you get sick and you puke all over the bathroom? My mom was always there to pick that up. If I had a bad dream I knew I could curl up with her in bed and she would make me feel safe. Mom makes everything feel better.


10. A beautiful person

All of these things and more make my mom what she is. Where would I be without her today? I don’t even want to imagine it.

Thank you, mom, for the kisses, the hugs, advice, the lessons that put me in my place, the love, the consistency, the example that you are, the laughter, the dancing, the singing, and for just being you. I hope that one day I will measure up to something even close to what you are.

My mom is a beautiful person in and out and don’t you forget it.

IMG_20111028_1900532014-06-21-17h13m3720544_1327627548762_7054527_n 35227_1518005548093_5294638_n 10456191_10203680316506443_1594542755731961595_n


Happy Mother’s Day mom. You’ll never know how much you really mean to all of us.



Chocolate Peanut Butter and Banana Muffins (GF & DF) 100 Cal.

For the record; I love gluten and dairy. The reason I made these was purely because the person I was making them for can’t have either. Not that I think you can’t make good stuff without dairy and gluten, but when it isn’t naturally supposed to be that way it can be surprising and these were actually pretty great.

I’ve been getting on a honey and coconut kick lately. I love sugar, but only in moderation. As I’ve gotten older I’ve had a harder time with sweets in general so if I can sweeten something with honey I will.

As I said I made these muffins for someone. My husband and I were invited to a spring feast at my boss’ house and I offered to bring dessert. After a bit of research I found this recipe.

The recipe I originally consulted used a blender, but I’ve already busted one hand mixer and one blender (one because of peanut butter) so I decided to not risk it. Here is my version of the recipe.


1 medium/large ripe banana, peeled
1 large egg
1/2 cup creamy peanut butter (I used the Costco Kirkland brand natural peanut butter)
1/3 cup unsweetened natural cocoa powder
3 tablespoons honey (agave, brown rice syrup, or maple syrup may be substituted)
1 tablespoon vanilla extract
1/4 teaspoon baking soda
pinch salt, optional and to taste
heaping 1/2 cup mini semi-sweet chocolate chips + more for sprinkling muffin tops (optional if you can’t find gluten/dairy free)


  1. Preheat oven to 400F. Prepare muffin pan (either mini or regular) by spraying very well with cooking spray or grease the pans; set aside.
  2. To a large mixing bowl, add first 8 ingredients, through optional salt, and mix until smooth and creamy.
  3. Add heaping (optional) 1/2 cup chocolate chips and stir in by hand.
  4. Using a tablespoon or small cookie scoop, drop rounded 1 tablespoon mounds into prepared pans. Each cavity should be filled to a solid 3/4 full.
  5. Sprinkle each muffin with a generous pinch of chocolate chips if you like.
  6. Bake for 8 to 12 minutes, or until the tops are set, domed, springy to the touch, and a toothpick inserted into the center comes out clean, or with a few moist crumbs, but no batter. That’s a large range with baking time and I find with medium bananas, there’s less batter, the cavities are less full, and 8-9 minutes is about right. Watch closely, especially if you are using a mini muffin pan.


These are great to eat with milk or something like it because they are a bit thick (but fairly fluffy considering they’re flour-less).

With chocolate chips these are even better, but I’ll leave that up to you. For the party i went to I made both just in case there were people there that wanted an option (I know I did).

I hope you enjoy!

Health, fitness, and smoothies

Ever since I was little I was active in one sport or another if not just running around the neighborhood without my shoes on or jumping around in the pool during the summer. As I grew up I always heard words of caution from people who were older than me;

Just wait until you get old and you can’t get the weight off!

Don’t pull your hair back so tight or you’ll get lines.

Smile more or your frown won’t go away.

That milkshake will go right to your a**.”

I always rolled my eyes and went on with whatever it was that I was doing. I’m in my 20’s now and have already noticed things that weren’t there before.

After I got married I didn’t worry about eating super healthy all the time (as you can probably tell from my food posts) and I’ve always been blessed with curves, but have always been fairly fit/skinny. You know, the hips and the butt. I’m tall so I’ve always weighed more than my friends and I’ve never been able to wear those cute little dresses that are now in style (Why can’t they make them just above the knee?!). I’m OK with all of this, really. I’m comfortable with my body.
Not too long ago I started to discover stretch marks in places they weren’t before and then people started to ask me if I was pregnant.
The first time this was asked of me I took it fairly well until the next day and then it hit me (at the time I was working out every day and had lost a few pounds). My poor husband has had to maintain my ego a lot lately because I was asked if I was pregnant 3 more times after that.
I just want to say once and for all-I am not pregnant.
Don’t get me wrong, I love kids, I LOVE babies, and I want to have some. Just not right now.
I know that one of the big reasons for this particular question is that I recently got married and most people either expect it or want it. It’s sweet, really…But I’m not ready and I think I’ll get a puppy first. However, if God decided that I was before I knew it that would be wonderful too.

Anyway, I’m not looking for pity or for anyone to try and make me feel better about myself, I’m just trying to convey the reason behind working out and eating healthy more than I already was.

Being pregnant wouldn’t be a bad thing, I’m just not right now and I got really discouraged about how I looked. And honestly, pregnancy is one of the most beautiful things I have had the privilege to witness with family and friends. For a lot of people who are trying to lose weight there has to be a form of “rock bottom” and then a personal decision to make things better. It has to be for you first and then everyone else. People asking me if I was pregnant weren’t the only comments. I’ve always been comfortable and confident so some people feel comfortable making comments about certain things getting bigger-This was the start of what got me to the gym every day.

I want to look good. I don’t want rock hard abs, or giant muscles. I just want to look healthy and FEEL healthy. But I am NOT giving up ice cream or the occasional piece of pizza because gosh darn it it tastes so good.

So don’t expect a whole bunch of super healthy, gluten and dairy free recipes because I like that stuff. I will share with you some things that I have found to be not only healthy, but super delish and sometimes just happen to be free of gluten or dairy.

The first one is of my own making: Smoothies.

Most smoothies are made with dairy and ice and a lot of sugar to make it taste yummy. That’s all nice and everything, but when I get back from the gym I don’t want a milk shake every time (just every once in a while 😉 ). My husband and I went to Costco and I saw big bags of frozen fruit in the freezer section. I love fruit and some veggies, but it’s hard to always get the daily goal so I bought a few bags and started making them into smoothies.

It’s really quite simple. Here is one of my own recipes: Blueberry Fruit smoothie
(Please note that these portions are made for multiple smoothies to store for later consumption)

3/4c frozen blueberries
3/4c frozen pineapple
2-3 (large) frozen strawberries
1 ripe banana
Approx. 2 1/2c orange juice (preferably fresh or 100% juice)
1/3c cranberry juice (100%)


Just dump it all into a blender and put it on the ice setting.
You’ll need to stir it every once in a while to keep things moving and sometimes i have to add more orange juice until I get the right consistency.
If you don’t like any of these ingredients don’t be afraid to add or take away (just don’t stress your blender). The reason I put in pineapple is because it’s a wonderful natural sweetener and helps balance out the other tart juices and fruits. Another thing to note is that I use mostly frozen ingredients so that I don’t have to use ice if I want to drink it right away. I sometimes had to blend in smaller portions until smooth and then add it to the blender to “liquefy” or “blend”.

Another recipe that I just tried is this: Tropical fruit smoothie

1 ripe banana
4 large frozen strawberries
2 frozen kiwis (I cut these up and froze them overnight)
1/2 ripe frozen mango (same as above)
3/4c pineapple
2-3c orange juice


This one was really good. If you don’t like seeds that much I recommend de-seeding your kiwi before you freeze it.
Because these recipes give you A LOT of smoothie I put them into jars and froze them. Once I’m ready to have one I leave it out on the counter for an hour or so while at the gym and I come back to a smooth sorbet smoothie. It’s AWESOME.


How could you resist?

I’ve tried many other combinations-these are just the ones I like and use a lot. I’ll probably have more later and some that incorporate veggies as well.

Sorry about being gone so long and this LONG post. Once you try one of these recipes you’ll forgive me. 😉
I’ll be back with gluten/dairy free peanut butter and banana muffins and a couple good workouts.

Ta ta!


Spaghetti and Italian Meatballs

My husband and I have been out of town so much lately, I actually haven’t had to cook in a while. When I do, it ends up being something I’ve already done.
Sometimes I ask him what he wants for dinner and he actually gives it some thought. Sometimes I get a “I don’t care…Whatever sounds good” and then other times I get a definite answer.

So the other day I got “pasta?”. Thankfully I had some spaghetti noodles on hand, and just enough for a couple servings for the both of us. I wanted to make it a little more exciting than just pasta so I went ahead and made my own meatballs. Along with the Pumpkin Bread (see previous post for recipe) this was my first time making these.

There are so many different options for making meatballs…Cheese filled, beef, Italian sausage, vegetarian (not sure I wanna know what that tastes like), etc.

Anyway, I decided to put Italian sausage and ground beef both in to make a nice Italian style meatball.

Here is the recipe:

  • 1/2 pound ground beef
  • 1/2 pound Italian sausage
  • 1/2 cup plain bread crumbs (Panko or any other kind you can find)
  • 1 tsp minced garlic (I used store bought minced garlic)
  • 2 eggs
  • 1/2 cup Parmesan (or freshly grated)
  • 1 tsp salt
  • 1 tsp fresh ground pepper

Step 1:  Heat the oven to 350.

Step 2:  In a medium sized mixing bowl, add meat and mix together well with you hand or a spoon. Once you finish this go ahead and start adding each ingredient either one at a time (and mixing after) or a couple at a time and mixing well.




Step 3:  Make slightly larger than golf ball sized meatballs and place them on a flat non-stick pan or (what I decided to use) in a muffin pan which helps them not roll around.


Try not to make them too big because you’ll want them to cook through evening.

Step 4:  Place in the oven and cook for 40 minutes, flipping them when you are halfway through.


Because I went through making the meatballs and cooking the noodles I didn’t want to make my own sauce so I got a nice one that was on sale that day.





I went ahead and put the meatballs into the sauce to let them marinate in it for a bit.
The result was really great.

Some Italian meatball recipes will tell you to add Parsley. I didn’t have any fresh and the sausage had enough flavor for me, plus the garlic you use anyway.

Sub for a meatball sandwich and you’ve got it made!



Muffins, Cookies, and Pumpkin Bread

Ok…Well maybe I have a little more than a sweet tooth. As the weather gets colder (call me crazy, but I’m really enjoying it) I get more urges to bake and make hot dinners.
I found a few recipes that were really great and turned out pretty well. They’re also super easy.

I basically had a muffin day and made the Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Muffins (I messed up a little…I put in butter. But they still tasted amazing) and muffins donuts. YUM


Let’s start out with the Cinnamon Donut Muffins with homemade glaze.


Here are some that have their first coat of glaze and some that don’t.



It makes a bit of a mess, but with the big cutting board I didn’t have too many issues.


They were pretty popular. The peanut butter ones were more popular though. Ha

Now for the Double Chocolate Chip Muffins.

Seriously…These were so good. I’ve been sending treats to work with Peter for his co-workers. These ones didn’t make it.
Hmmm…I wonder why?

I really love it when the ingredients separate. So cool.


Anyway-Back on track.




And After.

I decided to skip the sprinkling of chocolate on the top. Maybe next time.


Next we have the Chocolate Chip Pumpkin Bread.

This was A-Ma-Zing. I kid you not. Next time I think I’ll try Banana Bread or Chocolate Banana Bread. But this was a great treat for the start of fall.


It looked a bit like hummus (someone guessed that when I posted this on Facebook).


I went ahead and just dumped the whole bag (it was the smaller size) of semi-sweet chocolate chips in.
As some of you probably know, because the pumpkin puree is so wet it takes longer for this to cook. Just follow the recipe and check frequently while baking. Mine actually took over an hour to cook where it wasn’t super wet. I just waited until only chocolate came out with the fork.

Also-As I didn’t have it, I didn’t put in the cloves. It was perfectly fine. 🙂

I brought this one home when I visited family and it only lasted about five minutes from the time I cut it up and put it on the table. Peter really liked eating it with a glass of milk.

And last but not least is the Double Chocolate Chip and Butterscotch Cookies.


So these are actually supposed to be triple chocolate chip, but I didn’t have the white so I just put in two. They’re still pretty awesome.

With the first batch I cooked them at 9 minutes and they were great. I didn’t smoosh them down like I did with the second batch (see photo above). Because of that the first set ended up being more of a chunk of cookie (no complaints though) since there is so much chocolate inside.


The second batch I cooked at 10 minutes and again they were perfect. I think the difference here from my other cookies is that I used the Silpat.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy!

Happy Fall! 🙂


Potatoes and Chowder

If it isn’t clear that I like potatoes now, it will be with this post.

It’s finally cooling off in this part of the country. This has been a super hot summer-mostly because it’s been so consistently sunny. If it rained it usually did during the night and the rest of the time it was a beautiful cloudless sky.

With cooler weather comes soup, coco, tea, and nice hot dinners. Not that I refrained before on some of those.

I couldn’t think of anything to make and Peter suggested a casserole. I didn’t have enough ingredients for one, but I realized if he picked up ham and potatoes I would have everything else.
That wonderful husband of mine did, and voila.

I give you Scalloped Potatoes with ham and cheese.

NOTE: You will need an hour and a half to cook these. So give yourself plenty of time for prep and cooking so you don’t end up with a 10pm dinner. Unless you want to of course.

I decided against the onion and pepper and it still tasted amazing. The leftovers were awesome too.


The mixture was pretty easy to make. I doubled it cause I had so much ham and potatoes.

Make sure to slice your potatoes pretty thin. Not paper thin. They just need to be consistent in thickness so they all cook evenly.


I ended up with a large AND small pan of them. Peter did a great job slicing them for me. He’s a pretty good cook.




Again, if you have dairy issues-this probably isn’t the best option for you. You can always use your own version of dairy though.


Seriously. So good. Not grainy, under cooked junk. Just pure amazingness.

Next up: White bean chicken and corn chowder

I took less photos with this one. Woops. So this is all you get.


I forgot to buy bacon for the top, but it was pretty yummy anyways.

I doubled this recipe. Basically just bringing it to the texture and thickness that I wanted. Nice thing about this one is it’s just half and half-not a whole lot of dairy.

I took the fat off the chicken thighs, sliced it, and cooked it in salt, pepper, and butter. Just cook it until cooked through. I wanted it to be nice and tender. The flavor of the salt, pepper, and butter worked really well.

Also-I added in 2tsp of cumin with the flour base for a bit of spice.

This recipe calls for cannellini beans. The juice that they keep them in in the can can give a different taste, so next time I make this I think I will just just regular white beans and maybe even black beans. I also want to add red bell pepper as well. I really like southwestern corn chowder, so you can probably expect that at some point.

In the end it was really yummy and I had quite a bit of leftovers so I sent some to work with Peter. 🙂

Here is the flop of the week:

And last of all: Slow cooker Italian chicken

First off-know your crock pot. This was my first time cooking something in a slow cooker and this recipe says to cook on low. I recommend HIGH because even after turning it to high after the allotted time went by the potatoes weren’t cooked all the way through in the end. Thankfully the chicken was.
Also-the entire bottle of Italian dressing was a bit much. I know slow cooker recipes are supposed to be “throw in and wait for the magic to happen” but this was not magical.
Without bashing this poor persons recipe too much, I’ll just say-next time I’ll try a different one.

There’s always going to be a flop when cooking in the kitchen and this was no exception.

All that being said here you go.


Really the flavors were ok…I just think a different route would be better. Plus it gave us stomach cramps. I might have used a high sodium dressing or something. Who knows.


Well that was a bit of a downer for the end of this post. However, I’ve made more muffins (shocker) and I’ll try and post the recipes soon. Here is a sneak peak:


Can we say “drool”?

à bien·tôt!



Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Muffins

Ok. Think about it.


Peanut Butter.


Now put it all together and you basically have a Reeses muffin. Do I really need to say anything more?

Didn’t think so.

Anyway, for some reason I had a huge craving for muffins. I don’t really understand it since I haven’t always been a huge muffin person. So one thing led to another and I found the recipe for these.



I sorta messed up on the one on the bottom right. Fortunately it turned out fine. Shape doesn’t really matter all that much anyway.

The one thing that I found most difficult was putting the batter into the pan. It was soooo sticky. Other than that this was a ridiculously easy recipe.

Also-need it to be gluten free? Just substitute the flour for gluten free flour. But I’m too pro gluten for that. Ha




With the first batch I sprinkled sugar on top, but the second one I didn’t bother and they were totally fine.



The husband came home just on time for them to be cooled off enough to eat.
I believe our conversation went like this:

Me “Well those were delicious”
Peter “Mm-hm…But you know..to be sure I should have another one.”

It’s always nice when he likes what I cook.

Chicken, Potatoes, and Mac N’ Cheese

If you’ve read any of my other food blogs you’ll know that I love potatoes…And apparently chicken.
Actually I’m not a huge fan of steak or roast beef so there you have it.

Instead of mashed potatoes or baked potatoes I went with stuffed potatoes and man were they GOOD.



I got some smaller potatoes and baked them for about 45 minutes or so…Or until soft.

The hardest part was scooping the insides out…They were still kinda hot. Woops.
All I ended up doing was making the insides into mashed potatoes. Usually I add a little bit of salt, pepper, butter, and milk. I also made bacon and chopped it up and mixed it in and topped it with cheese.

20140830_192331 20140830_192335

Because this kind of took a bit, I’d say it’s a good idea to maybe bake them again, but I didn’t really care. They were super creamy and tasty and really simple.

Next I made a lime chicken with a homemade salsa.

I decided to marinate the chicken all night and day.


I also have changed from chicken breasts to thighs because they tend to get juicier and tender. Unfortunately, they’re more fatty, but man do they taste good.

I also made my own recipe for some garlic roasted red potatoes.



Roasted Red Potato Recipe: i didn’t count how many potatoes i used cause it really depends on how flavored you want them.

1/2 tsp garlic powder (or a couple cloves of fresh garlic if you have it-crushed)

1/2 tsp cumin

1/2 tsp chili powder

1/2 tsp Cheyenne

2 tbs olive oil

1 tsp salt

1/2 tsp paprika (optional-these can get kinda spicy)

Mix ingredients together and after you chop the potatoes into small pieces stir them in until well seasoned. Cook at 450 for 20minutes or until soft.

It went really well with the chicken and tasted great with ranch. Peter used ketchup, but I’m not a huge fan of it. To each his own.


The salsa was really yummy. I added tomatoes to it instead of onion and it went great.


So here it is!
It was a great end of the summer recipe.

And last of all I decided to make my own mac n’ cheese.

Just so you know, before I start, if you have any issues with dairy-this recipe is not for you.


We made a special trip to Trader Joe’s and got some black forest peppered bacon. It was sooooooo yummy.

Here is the Mac N’ Cheese recipe I used.

I put some canned tomatoes in it, but I think it made it more soupy than I meant. Plus the amount of cream it calls for probably didn’t help.




It ended up pretty good, but it needed a little bit of salt in the end, so we just sprinkled it on once we had it in our bowls.


Anyway, that’s all the food I have for now.

Onward to muffins!


Strawberry Sorbet

I don’t know about all of you-but sometimes dairy ice cream isn’t as good as non-dairy.
Ok ok! You can disagree. I love Tillamook Mudslide just as much as the next girl, but a bit of fruit never killed you. I haven’t tried making a chocolate one yet, but believe me I will.

Strawberries were on sale at the store so I went ahead and bought some and decided to make a sorbet out of it.

Here is the recipe.

It was actually super easy and it works for any fruit you can think of that would be good in a sorbet. Honestly.


The syrup was really easy. Which I suppose is why they call is Simple Syrup. Heh heh.


I went with the strawberry lemon recipe, which they will recommend in most recipes because the lemon juice and zest will help balance out the sugar.


The recipe I used also sifted out the seeds and bigger chunks that the blender didn’t get, but I’m not very picky. However that won’t help make it very smooth.


I put it in a nice glass storage container and popped it in the fridge, I had a lot of sorbet so I had to use two.

Speaking of smooth though, after I made this one I found a site that shows you how to get it that way. Here you go.

I’ll have to try it sometime.
But in the meantime it turned out really great and the best part of sorbet is you can re-freeze as much as you want.


This lasted me forever and it tasted great. Next time I’m making the chocolate. I finally found a recipe. 🙂


Oh sweet sweet cookies

I have a bit of sweet tooth. Always have…And a huge weakness for chocolate.
Anyway-I decided to start making desserts…Cookies, sorbet, muffins, etc.

With this post I’ll just cover the cookies.


First I made oatmeal cookies.

The thing about cookies is you always end up with way more than you expect. I made these a few weeks ago and I still have a couple in my cookie jar.
Click on the picture above for the recipe.

Another thing about cookies is that once they are done-anytime after that they are burning. So the point is that I’m not really used to my stove yet so this recipe calls for 10-12 minutes or something, but 9 minutes seemed to be perfect. Needless to say the second batch was better.


Then I decided to make M&M cookies, but with a slight twist.

M&M cookies

M&M cookies

I’m not a big fan of eating raw cookie dough, but these were tempting.

The recipe I used for these cookies is somewhere…But I’m not sure where. This one is a good option though. The one I had told me to stick the M&M’s on top rather than stir them in, but the one I linked to stirs them in.

The twist was almond M&M’s instead of regular. They actually tasted super yummy, but different. I think I might try pretzel next time.


Seriously…How could you resist those?

Again-because you can’t see the bottoms of the cookies while on the pan it might be better to take them out when they are light rather than golden brown on the edges. In my experience golden brown means burnt. :/


Last tip for the day: Ever have trouble with the dough sticking to your fingers while rolling it into balls to put on the pan? Try getting your hands wet with cold water and it’ll help a lot.

I’m so behind on my food blogs these days, so I’m actually going to go and write more. Stay tuned!